Semester Update from Glory!

**A note for new readers: Glory Kimonge is a regular contributor to the Everyday Ambassador website.  I met Glory when she was a high school student leader of the HIV/AIDS Education program I coordinated in Tanzania in 2007.   Thanks to the generous support of our Everyday Ambassador Community, Glory has defied difficult life circumstances and now studies at a top university in Tanzania in the field of tourism where she will be an “everyday ambassador” for Tanzania, and also lift herself and her family out of poverty in the process.  If you are inspired by Glory, please reach out and let her know below this article.  If you want to make a less virtual, more impactful outreach, contributing to her college fund is the best way to support her, in real-time (we have $6,000 to raise to cover her last 2 yrs of college). Thank you for reading and sharing – and now, a semester update from Glory.**

Dear Friends,

Today I would like to share more with you about my time in school, my ideas and feelings, and my determination towards the future.

As a student I have been trying to have a good time table of my private study.  Here in Tanzania we spend not less than six hours in the classroom every day, from 8:00 a.m to 4:00p.m. Because this is the first year of my studies almost everything is new in my classes, therefore I put much effort in to study hard.  The modules we are studying here at the college take two to three weeks per module, and while it is actually not enough time to cover the full topic, I try to keep up!

Studying hard is important to me, because to study hard and to have an education is to prove to society that you can play a role.

When a person is educated, he or she is opening more opportunity in life, and becoming multipurpose.   It doesn’t mean that the person who is not educated yet has nothing to share with the society; everyone has got talent in life and needs to be influenced to use it for their development.  But I believe that with an education, a person can do more than one thing.  This means even as I study tourism and wildlife management there are other skills I can develop as well as to share with everyone.

All people have planning and goals in life, and talents to share, even people with no education.  But many people fail to reach their target due to several reasons.  Some of them face a lack of family support, conflict, poverty, diseases such as HIV or AIDS,  and sometimes ignorance of their options.  Many people simply cannot find support from others, like I have from you.

Sharing our talents happens when we have assistance from others.   A doctor needs to be taught skills by another doctor, to be tailor you need to be taught your craft as well, and even professors need to hear from other people.  No house is built by having cement only, but water and other materials are necessary too.

The youth will have bright future if everybody will do their responsibilities.  For the youth, we must not give up when we know that our dreams are very far from us, we must study hard and work hard with our opportunities.  We think of the talents we have and think of how to improve them and sometime we have to learn new talents.  But in addition to helping ourselves, it is time for people to help each other too.  Even parents who are struggling should accept to share a small cake of what they have with their children, to avoid unequal treatment, to support the dream of a person to be fulfilled.  And if a parent  does not have enough to support their youth, they can always just keep encouraging them too.

Thank you very much for reading this article, and thank you for supporting me to build my talents and contribute to the world.  I like to learn from others and for others to learn from me.  Do not hesitate to ask any question because I know is good to learn from each others’ experiences, to be comfortable with each other.

Everything is possible when a person wants it to be possible.

And surely I can learn from you readers.

Shalom & Peace!


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