1. Kate thank you for a well thought out response to KONY 2012. I implore the work of Invisible Children but I could not support KONY2012. What this viral video does is put a bullseye on Uganda making it the flavor of the month….then what? How does this become an agent of change for the issues Ugandans are facing daily. Personally I believe the campaign derailed the work of Ugandans by individualizing and simplifying an issue that has more complex layers to it. Having Kony held accountable for the atrocities he wielded against Ugandans is important but addressing the issues (lack of proper education systems, healthcare, sustainable sources of income) that give men like him such power should take prescident.

    • Khionna thank you for your response. You hit the nail on what Kate was really trying to convey in this article.

      Personally, I agree with you. One of the biggest criticisms I have for this campaign is the ‘agent of change’ factor you mentioned. What was the action behind the campaign, what did it seek out to do, and did it actually change anything? The action was to galvanize people to raise awareness about who Kony is, which it successfully did, but then what?

      I pose this question to you and others: Is raising awareness enough?

  2. Such an important reminder that change is not as instantaneous as the Internet leads us to feel. A great reminder!!

  3. incredibly well written. its great to finally get a perspective from someone who is very close to these issues. the cause itself is a nobile one, but the underlying issue here is what gives us the right to assume the white savior role. yes we have more resources to help, but its the fact of writing off an entire culture as helpless that i take issue with.

    great insight from someone who has seen it first hand.

  4. Great post Kate! I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said hee. Their video is a great example of excellent marketing by an NGO but I especially take issue with the way they portray Ugandans – mostly as helpless people waiting to be saved by Americans. The tool holds promise, but the execution was poor and unfair to the victims of this conflict.

  5. Thank you for this stimulating post, Kate. It’s the best analysis I’ve read so far of why Kony2012 needs to be thought through.

    All my love from London!

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