1. I am very proud to be part of this program. Which contributed significantly to support the youth sector and the significant achievements in Iraq. I am also proud of my work with such an outstanding staff and with the Director of like you.

  2. Shwan, Mustafa, Haneen, Aladdin66, Daniya, Raymond — Thank you SO much for sharing your work with the EA community, and expressing your sentiments about the program. Please keep us in the loop on your progress and success, as we are very proud to promote such amazing work. Thanks again!!

  3. I’m so happy being one of the Program coordinators whom meeting face to face with the youth and follow them day by day until they settle up to their business they like and report their impact about the program and what development they have seen, wish this program can extend much more so that other youth get benefit as other youth.

  4. Awesome IYI.
    I am so proud to be one of the team members. ( Iraq Youth Initiative ), I wish my country will be the best of the best one in Arab Region. I wish all youth people in Iraq gets job and moving forward for building our great country ( IRAQ ). To be number ONE in the region.
    Unfortunately, am leaving the team at 31-May-2012, but I had great time with them all, they are so friendly friends, wish all the success and the prosperity for the program in Iraq, and we will be in touch.
    Thank you

  5. It is really such a great program, leading Iraqis’ future to a shining way fulling by hopes.
    Hoping to have an awesome event soon :)

  6. As a member of Youth Initiative Program team work, I am so proud to be a member of this team. The secret of success for the Youth Initiative Program implementation and achievements in Iraq were: The integration roles and responsibilities between the main 2 partners (Microfinance Institutions and the Business Development centers/NGOs), Well trained and grassroots oriented professional field staff, and the professional management strategy and planning.
    Finally I am sure Youth Initiative program in Iraq had been achieved a great touchable CHANGES on Iraq’s youth economical lives.

  7. Really I’m proud because I’m working in this program and we are proud to have director like you.

  8. good for Iraqis to have this chance i wished if have the same program, it would make changes, wishes the best

  9. Thank you for the support for the Iraqi Youth Initiative of USAID-Tijara as it is greatly appreciated! This is a great program that my team is very proud of where we are building relationships that will benefit generations to come.

    I do want to clarify that this is “foreign aid from USAID” where collaboration with in-country leaders both American and Iraqi (not in the US but boots on ground in Iraq) designed and implemented this Initiative throughout the country funded by then-US Ambassador Christopher Hill in 2010. Our upcoming Showcase Award Ceremony this 31st of May 2012 is in collaboration with USAID-Tijara, USAID/Iraq and the Iraqi Ministry of Youth & Sport.

  10. More people need to see what an insanely great initiative this is! What Iraq needs is economic progress built up by a vibrant Iraqi civil society, and not fueled by foreign aid/investment. Follow their Facebook updates!

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