Introducing the New EA Team!

Dear Readers,

When I first launched Everyday Ambassador in April 2011, I aimed to craft an EA philosophy that would clearly communicate an urgent need to focus on human relationships in a digital age.

To my delight, through comments online and conversations offline, I witnessed many instances of shared  desire to think more critically and holistically about our global citizenship in this digital era, and  I found many shining examples of Everyday Ambassadors – individuals who were ambitious and brave enough to attempt amazing feats of service, yet humble enough to reflect upon their process critically and constructively.  However I have realized that if this community is to continue growing, we need more wo/man power to build the movement!

Therefore, today I am thrilled to announce to you the addition of two remarkable individuals to the Everyday Ambassador team: Chex and Jennifer.  Thanks our growing team, the website will feature more ambassadors (and creative commentary on the topic) than ever before, our Facebook and Twitter outreach will foster more meaningful relationships, and our offline presence will continue to grow across campuses and among like-minded organizations.

Please join me in welcoming our team, and as always, thank you for being part of the community!  

xo Kate

Chex Yu: Social Media Manager

Chex is our voice on Twitter and Facebook, engaging followers and friends and sparking meaningful conversations in the virtual world.  Please reach out to Chex with any inquiries or ideas regarding EA social media.

Chex is a rising junior at UNC-Chapel Hill double majoring in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Scientific Entrepreneurship.  She is a true tarheel deeply passionate about global health and developmental economics, and aims to enact change in these fields with quality scholarship and an entrepreneurial spirit. The craziest thing she has ever done was backpack across India all by herself, and she is waiting for something else to beat that! 

Jennifer Mejia: Outreach Director

Jennifer works with leaders of groups and organizations who share the EA passion for meaningful public service, and arranges workshop, lecture, and co-curriculum development opportunities.  Please reach out to Jennifer if you are interested in integrating EA into your campus or organization activity.

Jennifer is a graduate student at Northern Illinois University in the Master’s of Public Administration program, specializing in Nonprofit Management. She works with Little City Foundation, assisting in the development department, and is passionate about alleviating pressing social issues in the developing world, particularly the staggering amount of children affected/orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa.


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