The Strategy of Social Media for Social Change

In today’s fast-paced society we have become used to sharing information in a quick way. What happens when it comes time to share in a more interpersonal and meaningful way? Have we, to some degree, lost our ability to do that well? Kate Otto addresses these issues in her presentation at the Millennium Campus Conference last Friday.

Kate acknowledges that our desire to be constantly connected to the world around us can unintentionally replace human to human

If you liked hearing what Kate has to say in this brief video, come listen to her full talk Saturday, Sept 22nd from 10-11AM. She will be presenting at Stonehill College’s NAFSA Study Abroad Re-Entry Conference. Please come join the discussion on how social media affects our impact and what being an Everyday Ambassador means to you!interaction. However, “if we’re aware of the potential for this disconnectivity, then we can use social media very effectively.” Social media can become an avenue to be more personally reflective. By developing awareness of ourselves, we will be work better within the organizations for which we are so passionate. From there, we must understand what is strategic in our online versus offline worlds. Adjusting to this balance will create more meaningful impact.

**And check out our Everyday Ambassador Op-Ed published yesterday in Christian Science Monitor: “After anti-Islam video and Muslim riots, we are all ambassadors


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