Glory Kimonge: A dreamer and a leader

Today’s post comes from Glory Kimonge, a special member of the Everyday Ambassador community, from Tanzania.  Our EA community is collectively crowdfunding Glory’s college education in Tanzania – a dream come true for her, as she had no way to afford an education.  We ask Glory to share her updates and reflections with the hope that you will consider giving $10 (or whatever you can!) towards her next semester:

Read on for Glory’s remarkable news on her “elections” ahead.  We want to show her that we’re behind her 100%, and you can do so by commenting, donating and by sharing her Indiegogo page with your friends and family!  We are especially eager to hear from teachers and classrooms who are interested in fundraising for Glory as part of a class unit or project in which students can communicate regularly with Glory.

Glory’s experience is an excellent example of how technology can bring us closer to each other, in a deeply meaningful, transformational way. Thank you for being part of it!

“In my life I find myself always concerned with Leadership.

I have been a leader in every school I have attended, from Primary education to High School level.

When I was in high school I was the Head Girl for two years consecutively and acquired reward certificates for leadership.  Now here in college I have  been elected the class representative, and at the same time I am the Treasurer of the student government starting from this semester.  Even the study tour we went on in August this past semester I was the safari in charge and I did it well to the point which was appreciated by everyone.

On 29th Oct this month we are going to conduct Elections in our college, and I am going to contest for the position of Vice President as one step before President, which I plan to contest for next year. Although most of my fellow student advise me to contest this month for President, I understand that I have to start from Vice President so as I can build experience in the work.  Then next year I will contest for President, and the reason this include:

(1) Since the college begun in 1963 up to this moment no record shows that a Lady has ever tried to contest for President, and my fellow students tell me that they think is the time for me to play a part to even try and contest. I believe the reason for ladies being scared to contest for such a high position is because of high competition from male students, since the college has higher numbers of male students than female. Nowadays, the numbers of female students continue to increase, because years ago the Tanzanian community thought that tourism activities were “male” activities but now community understand that women can do well in this job as well.  Women are multipurpose and are needed in more leadership positions – to be Ministers of resources, and general government leaders – because, like a mother, women are also better users of resources available for the benefit of many people and not only for themselves. I believe women have many important powers they can add to men’s to allow for community development.

(2) My personal spirit is one of leadership.  I like to be a leader, and aspire to be a leader, and now the time comes when dream can be practiced.  I shall put my dream into action instead of only into words. I hope you remember my personal mission and my concerns from my past posts on this website, namely “Why in this country which is blessed with resources, do community members experience Poverty? As an unsolved problem due to selfishness of a few members of society.” Too many people, many times leaders, do not understand the sense that we should asim  TO GIVE MORE THAN WE RECEIVE

My dream began here in this community of Everyday Ambassador and I give my deepest thanks to all everyday ambassadors who keep posting articles here and comment on articles here.  From you I learn to expand my understanding in leadership, to provide services to others, and to learn how to give more than to receive.

I believe everything is possible under the sun, and I really want to use this opportunity of a college education that you are giving to me to open my eyes towards my dreams.  My life in poverty, and living not appreciated as a woman, was a world where I was first surrounded by darkness.  But now I see the bright future because of gracious supporting from you, my friends. I have a lot to share with you, and I will keep sharing what I have on my mind. Thank you so much for reading this post, I appreciate you all.

Regards from Tanzania,



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