1. Graham, that is a super insightful piece! It really shows that you are getting a mature and realistic viewpoint on how things operate in Ecuador. It definitely brings up some very challenging questions, as you yourself said. :)

    I think you are right in how some current long-term projects need to be sacrificed for more immediate needs, but I would offer one caveat. At which point does growth go too far, and the balance need to be brought back to conservation? I do agree with prioritizing growth over conservation right now because of the reasons you brought up, but when will someone realize that the boundaries have been stepped over and you are already past the point of no return? Somethings do need to be saved right now, otherwise they will be lost forever.

    I might recommend, in addition to you plan for growth RIGHT NOW over conservation, a mentality in finding a balance between the two. To not entirely devote resources to one project over the other, but try to strike a balance that achieves long term goals while meeting the current realities of the Ecuadorian people.

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