How can technology help transform our democracy?

Everyday Ambassador realizes that the 21st century a time unlike any other. Technology provides us with limitless opportunities to connect with close friends, communicate across the globe, access information and broadcast our opinions. We must try to overcome impatience online convenience brings and prioritize quality, over quantity, of relationships. It is our responsibility to use these possibilities to strengthen our service efforts in every way.

The Knight Foundation responds to this social responsibility with their belief that technology has the ability to transform responsibility. They are looking for ways to reinvent citizens’ relationships with their neighbors, leaders and governments, as a way to build the informed and engaged communities where we all want to live.

We are nowhere close to realizing the full potential of technology for engagement, so Knight recently met with MIT Media Lab and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society to discover the best way to move the field forward.

First and foremost they believe it’s time to deepen our engagement by looking for ways technology can bring people together to make a difference in communities. Next they discovered that web and technology become a platform for citizens to help themselves and others. From there, Knight determines we must educate more technologists with a passion for civic life and bring them together with social change leaders. They are achieving these steps through the Tech for Engagement Initiative.

Do you know anyone already working in this field? Do you think it’s possible for technology to be the next step for democratic change?

We cherish your feedback and look forward to hearing your opinions. Comments of any length are encouraged below or on Facebook, or try your hand at 140-character tidbits on Twitter.  (Don’t forget to mention us @everydayAMB and include the hashtag #everydayAMB)

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  • Ali Ersheid

    A few months ago, I ran across this company that provides governments (local and otherwise) with the ability to open themselves up to their citizenry by broadcasting open meetings, allowing citizens to interact more with their government, download minutes, etc… interesting concept, but commercial.

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