1. This is great. As I head out the door for Kenya one more time, I wonder who I am to meet. I rejoice in having the freedom of being human. But oh, that many more would see what they miss as they live their life as a tree. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I love what you say about what we miss by not living our lives as trees. Really interesting–I’ll definitely be thinking more about this.

  2. Interesting article. Congratulations and thanks! Yes, we are fortunate to be born human… We can think, we think we can out do our thoughts, manipulate our minds…

    From experience observing how I feel and letting be brings the best out of me…

  3. The subject line drew me in and the article wouldn’t let me go. Very good writing, and very inspiring. It reminds me a bit of my own volunteering time in South-Africa.

  4. I’m teaching in Spain right now and starting to see that the friendship is the service. We all give, take, learn, teach… Sure, the teacher has one job and the students another, but we serve eachother constantly as friends and they have a lot to teach, too. The relationship is level, connected. Thanks for the post.

  5. I love how you’ve identified how borders can be limiting, but for humans they can offer an opportunity for a change, a new, more understanding perspective. What a joy to read, Zoe!!

  6. …the heart jumps since an unexpected knock at the door is a sign of trouble…alas, but now it is a sign of friendship.

    I love this article, but also this concept of how sounds and visuals prompt our bodies to react based on past experiences.

    Pavlov made this point clear; but, knowing that our experiences and bodies are so closely intertwined gives us power to manipulate (in a good way) our responses to numerous life experiences. Profound I think.

    • Deeply profound. Wow – thanks for offering these words and this suggestion. Anytime when this strategy has worked for you, in a positive way?

  7. Love this piece SO much! “Perhaps friendship is the ultimate test of whether your ‘service has impact.'” – What a great piece of wisdom!:)

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