1. hi everyone am very grateful for ur supportive comment and i would like to share my email with you whoever interested wth this wonderful action i decide to take upon….thanks.emmanuel joseph..(

  2. well done i will visit next year for a kilomangiro clime and would very much like to meet joseph and the children,,

  3. Hi,
    That is a very good idea Mr. Emmanuel and everyone involved in that. I just wanna say congratulations and would ask everyone out there to help you in whichever way. It has never happened before for someone from the street children to start something like what you have done. All the best and let us all support arusha children center in Arusha.
    Long live Childrenforchildren.

  4. This is a very inspiring story! It is so important to make relationships with communities that are local or foreign to us and make attempts to – as best said by the author – “advocate for the rights and responsibilities” – of children, of growing youth, etc.

    Here at America’s Unofficial Ambassadors, we promote citizen diplomacy through volunteerism in the Muslim World. We have set up programs in Muslim populated regions and Americans to work with them. We need more willful inspirations like you to address change in this world!

      • We believe that helping children to grow in body, mind and spirit, is the way to build a strong community. Arusha children center responds to all street children in Arusha Region, numbering over fifty. We support street children enabling them to make informed decisions about the direction of their lives and take responsibility for their actions and their consequences.
        “Please help us change their lives”

  5. It is the nice post prepared!! I appreciate what your doing Mr. Emanuel. I real like your superior heart giving. I have seen so many homeless children in Arusha, they don’t even know about their tomorrow, you could cry to hear their stories. Am sure by helping portion if not all it can build to them a sense that the earth is better place for them too as the result they might be good in helping other children in the future. Goodluck on what your doing!!

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