EA Featured at NYU Seminar Today

Hello EA Community,

I am excited to return to my alma mater today, NYU Wagner School of Public Service, where I will host a seminar on “Demystifying Mobile Technology for Social Good”.

Similar to my recent presentation at the Millennium Campus Conference on “Effective Social Media“, this one is focused on both he power of technology to connect, and on the challenge of feeling disconnected when we neglect the people behind the tools!

I’ll be representing EA as always, and sharing your stories and experiences as evidence of the beautiful growth process (and impactful work!) that results from investing in deep relationships with those we aim to serve.  Thank you for always sharing your stories – it is you who has built EA to be a vibrant and insightful space for reflection!

For those interested in the practical aspect of this seminar but unable to attend, I want to note that many of the strategies I have found most effective in my mobile health program development work revolve around concept of Human Centered Design – and so if you can’t make today’s seminar then absolutely take a few minutes to read up on HCD this afternoon!

Thank you to the NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship for organizing today’s activities – check out their entire R.E.A.L Workshop Series, and stay tuned for new events to be posted for Spring 2013.

xo Kate

PS – Just for old time’s sake :)

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