Everyday Ambassador in 2012

Happy New Year Everyday Ambassadors! As 2013 quickly approaches, we want to take a minute to thank all of you for participating in our EA community. You have been part of a remarkable year for EA, and we want to share the incredible strides this site has made throughout 2012.

We expanded our team to consist of seven bright, strong, and dedicated women: Chex, Hannah, Jennifer, Meg, Wendy, Ananda, and Kate. We coined our definition of what it means to be an everyday ambassador: “Grassroots Diplomacy. Global Impact.” 

EA team

Over the course of 2012 we made 77 posts to the site and had 20,000 views from 141 different countries. In total, we have 4,669 followers! The three countries where we have the most reach are the United States, United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

EA community map

We have featured more than 40 different organizations and individuals who are doing meaningful service impact work across the globe. One of our ambassador’s post, Zoe Ackerman who wrote Trees Never Meet, got featured on Freshly Pressed.


EA was an important avenue for conversation through a multitude of global and local changes made this year, including KONY2012 potential position as a Catalyst, and the United States President Barack Obama being re-elected with the hope to “See Diversity, not Divisiveness.”

Thanks for all the incredible social impact work you have contributed to this year. Stay tuned as EA continues to grow and expand our reach in 2013. As always, please feel free to comment, facebook, or tweet at us, we’d love to hear your highlights of the Global Impact made in 2012. xo, the EA team

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