1. Alli, thank you SO much for opening up and sharing these important questions and reflections with us. I have grappled w/ many of these in my times abroad as well, and even as I keep finding more meaningful work, I never ever stop facing these questions. You are a gifted writer and I appreciate you sharing your story. We’re going to be publishing a book version of Everyday Ambassador this year that I hope can be helpful to you and to me and our friends in this field who are seeking solutions to these dilemmas.
    @Marina, amazing idea! We are close with a group called United Classrooms whose work is very similar to this but not precisely; want me to put you in touch with them to discuss the idea further?

  2. Great post. I am sure that many volunteer teachers feel the same way you do about stepping in for a short period of time and then moving on, leaving the children you care about at the mercy of whatever comes next. I’m thinking that if volunteer teachers have access to the internet periodically, A global curriculum could be developed along the lines of what might have worked in a one-room schoolhouse. A database could be created where schools are recorded. Teachers could log in, view notes from prior teachers, and share what they have done. In combination with an outline of a curriculum, teachers could provide some flexible continuity. Does anything like this exist?

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