1. I’m so glad you were able to tie these topics together. CNN led with–Miley Cyrus. I was flabbergasted. Very few media outlets noted that the March on Washington was originally about jobs and living wages. Miley Cyrus is a long, long way from those issues.
    Keep up the fine work.
    –Wendy in Washington

  2. What a profoundly articulate, insightful and direct challenge you present for EVERYONE to consider and reflect upon and then reconsider again and again. From one who listened intensively to Dr. King in 1963, I must say that we are ‘getting there’ but still quite far from accomplishing his dream, which should also be our very own!

    In reading article after article I cannot help but be amazed at all the marvelous contributions of the dedicated servants of God involved in the mission of Everyday Ambassador. You only prove that there actually are very many precious young people who choose to offer their life’s service in helping others of all ages, races, ethnicity and belief. You, dear young people, are truly helping to fulfill ‘the Dream” by your dedicated and selfless service to others. You see and experience real life situations that are often ignored by or oblivious to many.

    Like Dr. King, do not let anything or anyone discourage your journey of unwavering service. While you deal with life realities, you are also touching hearts with others in ways often intangible to your perception, but which will continually bear fruit, both now and in times to come.

    50 years ago a black preacher stood and spoke of a “Dream”. 50 years later, an African-American President stood on that very spot, fulfilling a portion of that “Dream’ which YOU are diligently working at to bring to complete fruition!
    May God bless you all in your magnificent service!

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