1. Thank you both for engaging in this debate. You’re absolutely correct in stating that ‘honor murders’ happen in all parts of the world. Within the film, we underscore that honor-based violence happens within the Sikh and Hindu communities as well as within the Muslim community. Check out our trailer at to learn more. Our tagline is “culture is no excuse for abuse”. Unfortunately, women around the world are often abused, harassed, or killed in the name of culture or religion. This is deplorable. No major world religion sanctions this type of abuse, especially not Islam. Please continue to join in the conversation by visiting our website. Also be sure to watch the film so that you can see the many instances in which brave women from SIkh, Muslim, and Christian backgrounds fight against this abuse are highlighted.

  2. I am all for fighting these so-called “Honor Killings” which should be better known as “Honor Murders”. However, I am a little disturbed at the focus you have taken on Muslims and Muslim countries when Honor Murders happen all the time, in non-Muslim countries, perpetrated by non-Muslims.

    I believe you should absolutely, be focusing on Honor Murders in Muslim-majority countries, but your focus should also include Honor Murders in places like India, Sri Lanka, the Balkans…even those ordered by people living in Europe and N. America, who are not Muslims.

    If your cause is to fight Honor Murders, then you have seriously undermined your cause. If however, your cause is to find an excuse to attack Islam and Muslims and use Honor Murders as your cover, then you have succeeded.

    • Hello and thank you for your comment. My name is Kate and I’m responding on behalf of Everyday Ambassador, not on behalf of Honor Diaries. As a global network of individuals who believe in the power of human connection across borders (including borders of religion), we never endorse, support, or share discriminatory attitudes, so we appreciate your sentiments and agree with your assessment that Honor Killings/Murders happen all over the world. The spirit of this post was for the filmmaker to share her journey in building a supportive network of women around the world to speak up against gender violence. Since there is no mention of Islam in this post, I assume you are referring to the actual film itself with your comment, and in that case I’ll leave it to the filmmaker to respond. However you can rest assured that our EA community is one of diverse viewpoints and lifestyles (including many Muslims), connected by a shared value of respect.

    • According to UN Women over 91% of world wide honor crimes are within Muslim societies (the rest are attributed to Hindus, Coptics, etc.). That’s a huge discrepancy.

      Your attempt to equate moral equivalency obfuscates the matter. Honor crime is hugely disproportionate within Islam. That it exists in other cultures must be addressed, but rather than worry about that, Muslims need to focus on Muslims.

      Both Muslims and non-Muslims need to look for ways to live together:

      7 Ways Westerners Can Help Ex-Muslims – Patheos

      The Islamophobia of CAIR vs. The Honor Diaries

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