1. I’m taking the “How to Change the World” course now, and while week one’s lectures have been mostly theory, I’m looking forward to listening to viewpoints on poverty, prosperity and aid in the week 2 lectures!

    • Ooooh can’t wait to hear how it continues to go, Margaret – thanks for checking in. I’ll be curious to know anything that is most surprising to you (or if it all is pretty familiar?) – if you’d be interested in writing up a guest post after the course we would love to post your review.

  2. @Melisa – thanks so much! Hope it is helpful! I’m going to try and get folks who take the course to share reviews afterward, let me know if you take it!
    @Amanda – wow what a fascinating degree! I want to hear more about your work in Cambodia! Would you be willing/interested in writing a post for Everyday Ambassador about your experience applying communications skills to your development work? If so you can email Meg at: Thanks!!

  3. The “Communications for International Development” course sounds incredible! I combined a degree in public relations and anthropology in my undergrad because I believe it’s so important for communications professionals to understand the cultures and communities they are trying to reach. Now I’m working in Cambodia and use the skills I learned every day!

    Good luck with the course!

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