Special Announcement – New EA Schedule & Staff!

Dearest EA Reader,

It is with great excitement that I send this announcement to you today, about our team’s growth and our organization’s expansion.

We are thrilled to welcome two new team members into our EA Family this week: Brand Strategist Audrey del Rosario and Consulting Editor/Writer Michael Nebab! Please join me by welcoming them and thanking them for their vision and contributions!

Our new staff come on board at a time of natural expansion. In news that will be officially announced in the coming month, the book “Everyday Ambassador” has been picked up by a publisher and thus will be getting more extensive exposure to audiences in the year ahead. That means we need to be more articulate than ever about the EA movement – who are we, what is the problem we’re trying to solve, and how will Everyday Ambassador values make the world a better place?

Audrey has already set to work reforming our content curation and posting schedule to better reflect the answers to these questions, and Michael’s sharp eye and careful attention to detail will ensure that EA.org will be a reliable, high-quality resource for all readers in their personal quests to live purposeful, thoughtful, connected lives.

For EA website subscribers, we want to notify you of the specific changes we will be making to our posting schedule, our reasons behind these changes, and the hashtags you can use to follow these conversations on our other media platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. On a weekly basis, you will now see the following from EA:

  • “Field Notes” Monday  – Kate, who normally posts Wednesdays, will now start your Monday off on a provocative note. She’ll provide commentary on a major international news conundrum of the week and how EA values of connectivity and common ground shed light on a solution. Get ready to share your feedback, because she’ll have questions for you!  #fieldnotes #solutionspotlight
  • “Your Weekly Passport” Tuesday – Michael will keep you moving on Tuesday with a “links we like” or cheat sheet-styled post: the five most EA-relevant articles from the past week that we think you need to see. Consider these must-read articles the ‘stamps’ on your global citizen passport. #weeklypassport
  • “Wednesday Wisdom” – Meg, who normally posts on Fridays, will bring our field reports from EA Partners to a mid-week sharing session. We think these heavier-hitting pieces will be more appreciated mid-week, especially when you need a super dose of inspiration to get you over hump-day. #wednesdaywisdom #wordstoliveby
  • “Throwback Thursday” – This one’s self-explanatory! We have more than two years of rich content on this website, but we’re getting new subscribers and readers every day. To make sure our old content is still visited, we’re going to feature a classic EA post from the past in the form of the article’s most powerful quote. #tbt 
  • “Digital Detox” Friday – Wendy will send you off for the weekend with some tips, tricks, or inspiration on how and why you can unplug and connect with your loved ones. Time to get off the phone, unwind, and get in touch with humankind! #digitaldetox
  • “Be an EA” Saturday – Audrey will share an exciting opportunity with you every Saturday to walk the EA talk –a fellowship or internship to apply to, a chance to travel abroad, a conference or event to attend, a movie or performance to see. #EAinspired #bucketlist
  • OFFLINE Sundays! –We want to walk our talk at Everyday Ambassador, about the importance of unplugging in order to connect with others offline. You’ll never see a post, alert, or retweet from us on a Sunday. We’ll reply back first thing Monday morning! :)

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this new schedule. Our main goal is to put out more targeted, meaningful links for you. We hope that minimizing the quantity of information will maximize the time to meaningfully converse about and reflect on these topics.

With gratitude,

xo Kate

Founder and Director, Everyday Ambassador


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