“No Selfies with Cute Babies!”

EAFINAL_1 500pxWelcome to the weekend, Everyday Ambassadors! Those who are frequent readers of our site might know that there have been a number of changes in the last few months. For this edition of “Bucket List”, here’s a sneak peek of how the best is yet to come.

Everyday Ambassador is launching a new initiative known as The International Service Boot Camp. This initiative is the first of many upcoming webinar series that are co-branded with our resource partners.

To kick off our series, we’re giving you the inside scoop on the value of volunteering, responsible #selfies, and making the most of your summer. The details are below.



“Bucket List” is a weekly series curated by Everyday Ambassador brand strategist Audrey del Rosario. Every Saturday, we will feature events, conferences, and happenings that spark conversation and ignite your inner activist. To stay current with our latest posts, follow #bucketlist or #EAinspired on our other platforms, and check back regularly for updates.


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