The New Cultural Mandate

One country, one “culturally mandated” rite of passage, and one common call for social change.

t-_nn-74In the past, we’ve posted on the value of volunteering in interacting with news, in giving back to your own community, and in selflessly offering yourself to a greater cause. The Aspen Institute is one international organization that has been funding research on the impact of service – not only for the benefit of our own communities but for the country as well.

In 2010, the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project was founded on the idea of improving “citizenship by giving every young person in America the opportunity to do a service year.”

The idea is that “sometime between the ages of 18 and 28, the young person would do a fully paid, full-time year of service in one of an array of areas from conservation to education and everything in between. These young people will do good work and solve problems. But the real product is better young Americans.”

Beyond the research, the Aspen Institute has been asking people to sign up for a new website,, that will allow young people you “to find certified full-year, full-time opportunities, including existing national service positions in AmeriCorps and thousands of new positions with community organizations that need your help. You’ll be paid a modest living allowance to support you during your service year.”

For this edition of Bucket List, we encourage you to sign up, join the movement, and offer yourself as a volunteer, a program organizer, or a position sponsor for when the site goes live. In less than a minute and with one click, you can contribute to a greater movement by offering your talents, time, and resources to this soon-to-be National Service Project.


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