A Flying Start to a Responsible Spring Break


Curry, cafe mochas, bright yellow luggage, the clicking of stilettos, the comfort of my leather seat, the word “shed-dule” (schedule), and, not-so surprisingly, university sweatshirts.

These are sights, sounds, smells, sensations that instantly register as I observe my surroundings here at London Heathrow International Airport as I’m waiting for my next flight. The international buzz here seems inescapable but admittedly so are the college students.

Dear readers, this week is Spring Break for a number of students in the United States. Whether or not you’re partaking in it yourself, this time of year begins to mark the travel season for places like Europe and much warmer climates as the days become longer. (Note: I’m not on Spring Break. Friends and loved ones, technically this is what entrepreneurs and some other full-time employees so fondly call a “working vacation”. Try not to judge me too harshly, please.)120px-Airplane_silhouette_yellow.svg

The point is: with so many people traveling outside the United States, it’s important to note that there are ways to travel responsibly. Last fall, I detailed ways to become a responsible volunteer. Admittedly, much of the lessons are the same for travelers, but to inject some different voices into the conversation, here are some of our favorite responsible travel bloggers and organizations.

Already traveling? Sit at a cafe, grab a hot drink, and read up.

Responsible Travel

With how-tos, rankings, advice, guides, articles, and its name, Responsible Travel is a key player in the business. When considering what it means to travel responsibly for the first time, we recommend you start your research there.

Ever in Transit

Ever in Transit is a great example of a website that has included responsible travel into its content mix. While much of the blog focuses on other experiences and culinary adventures, we love the fresh, personal take on the topic.

Meaningful Trip

trenoAccording to the small business’s website, “Meaningful Trip was born out of 2 decades of tourism industry experience specifically targeted at Responsible, Sustainable, Ecotourism and Adventure Travel niches. These niches have experienced incredible growth over the last many years as persons seek out experiences that are more authentic, planet & culture friendly, and in some way, make a difference and positively give back to the destinations visited.” With these years of experience in responsible travel through its founders and guides, the organization offers unique trips to places like Nepal, Turkey, India, Vietnam, and Iran.

Passports with a Purpose

Run a travel blog yourself? Check out Passports with a Purpose to give to a pooled donation that responsibly gives back to the communities that you love and have visited. Essentially, it’s an annual fundraiser for travel bloggers and “fills the need to do long-lasting good for people in the places travelers visit by uniting an online community and leveraging the social media platforms of hundreds of bloggers around the world.” Donations from each year’s effort go to international charities that help find and offer solutions to some of the most pressing needs in local communities. Past charities have included Heifer International, Water.org, and Room to Read.

Learning Servicetrain-5-xxl

In May 2014, we partnered with Learning Service, an organization that focuses on “rethinking volunteer travel”. To see our webinar on best practices for volunteers abroad, check out this post. Similarly, for more information on their many toolkits, videos, and consulting opportunities, see their website.

PEPY Tours

Shout-out to our partner PEPY Tours! It’s a social enterprise that’s “running culturally-immersive learning adventures which encourage travelers to live, travel, and give more responsibly.” Check out their guides, tips for responsible travel, and even their resources and trip to Cambodia.

Transitions Abroad

If you’re looking for more resources, check out this guide by Transitions Abroad. It’s chock full of links, reading recommendations, and advice by region and type of travel.

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Image Credit: Financialdirector.co.uk, Iconsdb.com, Clinicafertia.com


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