Fake It Till You Waste It

A Spring Break Story

“FINALLY!” she exclaims as she throws open the door to her bedroom and whips her backpack onto her bed. The first, coveted day of Spring Break has arrived, and a girl (of no particular age) tears through her room, piecing together the perfect beach outfit. After she gets dressed, she stands in the bathroom and snaps a selfie in the mirror.

“Yikes,” she mutters to herself. A drawer flies open to reveal piles and piles of make-up. She paws through it, applying blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick topped with a gloss, you name it!

She stands posing in front of the mirror once more. The flash is too bright in the reflection, so she sets it to off. She snaps a few more photos after striking various poses. She swipes left and right, zooming in and zooming out.

“Meh,” she mutters again, as she returns to her room. She changes her outfit a few times before settling on one, and then adds accessories, starting with sunglasses and ending with jewelry.

She enters the bathroom once more, slowly peeking in to stare at her reflection. After she snaps a few (dozen) more photos, she returns to her room and sits on her bed, clicking on the icon for Photogram, the most popular social media app that, like, everyone is on. She uploads the winning photo and cycles through numerous filters. She picks the one that makes her skin glow and makes the colors (of her bathroom) more vibrant.

“#SpringBreaking starts now!”

She stares down and then deletes the caption.

“Best #SpringBreak ever, coming right up! #SB2015 #NoFilter #BeachforDays”

Again she stares at the caption with her finger hovering over the share button. She changes it a million more times before she settles on “Day 1 of the best #SpringBreak ever! #MakingMemories #Day1 #NoFilter”

She smiles as she pushes share, at which point she goes back to the main screen of her phone and opens up FaceTome, the second most popular social app. She formulates another post to go along with her filtered photo and posts it there, then to the app Chirper, and finally, she updates her LoopedIn profile with her vacation dates.

It is then that there is a knock at her door.

Her sister/roommate appears in the doorway.

“Are you ready?” she asks, staring at her bikini-clad sister with a confused look on her face.

“Yes! What beach are we going to? Do you have any extra sunblock because I hate the way mine -”

Her sister interrupts her.

“What beach?” she repeats. “It’s Monday. Spring Break ended yesterday.”

The girl in the bikini drops her jaw and stares at her sister. She spent so much time perfecting her theoretical #BestSpringBreakEver social media post that she missed her actual spring break.

Her phone memory is full, but her memories are empty.

Don’t get so caught up in the portrayal of your moment that you forget to live it.

“Digital Detox” is a weekly series written by Victoria Freyre. Every Friday, we explore different ways to disconnect, use the digital world responsibly, and rekindle human connection. To stay current with our latest posts,  follow #digitaldetox on our other platforms and check back regularly for updates.


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