University, my dear Watson.

WatsonThis weekend marks that time of the year when there are a number of spooky sights: people painted as skeletons to celebrate the Day of Dead, haunted houses, questionable pet costumes, and for high school seniors, the mounting pressure and paperwork of college applications.

Depending on the college or university, November 1st or 15th is the first deadline for early admissions for many institutions out there. For those who are passionate about social innovation, social entrepreneurship, or the skill set it takes to contribute to positive social change, consider Watson University for a semester or a 3-year accredited Bachelor’s of Science in Entrepreneurship through a partnership with Lynn University, and the deadline is tomorrow, November 1st.

According to the institution’s website, Watson University is “a new model of higher education” that
serves “student innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs aged 18-23”. The Watson curriculum includes training in “empathy, creativity, resilience, grit, bootstrapping, team building, and fundraising,” as students learn from an intensive mentorship and short master courses from some of the world’s leading experts. Today we’re featuring this particular opportunity for its emphasis not only on technical skills but self-awareness as well, especially in the Everyday Ambassador core value of empathy.

Halloween Light bulbApply today, and check out these other resources if you’re interested in opportunities in social entrepreneurship:

  • “7 Fellowships to Kickstart Your Global Career
  • A D.I.Y. Summer“: Summer Opportunities in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Partner Organization Acts of Gratitude: Acts Of Gratitude aims to foster the culture of giving back through exposing, educating, and empowering grateful people in order to create a new generation of change-makers who will save more vulnerable citizens and build a community of socially responsible leaders, entrepreneurs and volunteers for Rwanda.
  • Partner Organization The Base Project: The Base Project is a socially motivated fashion brand that seeks to empower artisans and their respective communities in Namibia and Ghana. It’s a triple bottom line initiative in considering people, profit, and planet, and the Akin brothers want to set “the base” for a number of groups.
  • Partner Organization Allowance for GoodAllowance for Good develops the rising generations of philanthropic leaders who cultivate global citizenship and empower others around the world to achieve their full potential. They educate and engage youth ages 13-18 in topics such as philanthropy, leadership development, and social entrepreneurship to create successful 21st century global citizens.

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