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Tomorrow, November 26th, marks an important American holiday that people battle long lines at the airport and train station to spend time with their families for: Thanksgiving. Not only do people use this to reflect and give thanks to the people in our lives. With that in mind, today’s post comes from Anjana Sreedhar, Everyday Ambassador’s partnerships manager. On behalf of Everyday Ambassador and the team, Anjana would like to give thanks to our partners for their dedication to students and volunteers, as well as their local and global communities.


With just a few remarks and a toss of the head, it’s incredibly easy for people to write off the world having a positive future.

With various communities mired in fighting, hatred, and ignorance, both domestically and internationally, coupled with pressing issues of climate change, education reform, and human rights, the task seems almost insurmountable. Add this bleak outlook to a general belief that millennials are tech-obsessed and entitled, and the future seems almost hopeless.

However, the partners that form the indomitable Everyday Ambassador network work in both small and big ways to give back and be impactful. From encouraging college students to thinking about social impact to providing platforms to hear stories of self-improvement, our partners are always pushing and striving to use their talents to create a better world.

For example, our partner Thinking Beyond Borders is beginning a new Social Impact Summer program for college students that blends elements of theory, practice, and international service to produce the next generation of social impact leaders and thinkers. In diversifying their programming and tapping into certain groups with leadership talent, TBB has shown their prowess in innovation and creativity, bringing it to the next level. What great work!

Of course, meaningful change is not only made internationally; it can also be supported here at home! Trip of a Lifetime has developed a new mentorship program in which selected alumni of the Trip of a Lifetime travel and service programs are paired up with professionals to learn how to start and grow their own social ventures. By equipping high school students with the knowledge and resources to make a difference, ATOAL is also demonstrating its belief that you don’t need to be a certain age to make an impact. Bravo!

In an increasingly fast-paced world, Academi of Life encourages self-reflection and improvement through providing workshops about human connection, meaningful conversation, self-empowerment and more. Recently, the Academi invited our very own Kate Otto to be a panel member on a discussion called “Doing Well and Doing Good,” centered around self-care and social impact. By inviting exciting speakers to come and discuss these little-spoken-of themes, Academi of Life invites its audience members to engage and take charge. Another partner, Pangea Productions, which is dedicated to connecting and creating networks between global changemakers, also  featured Kate on her work in making an impact. By creating mediums such as conferences and podcasts, Pangea Productions ensures that today’s creative thinkers are engaged with each other and the process of solution building. How amazing!

We would also like to give a special shout-out to Jean d’Amour Mutoni, co-founder of our partner Acts of Gratitude, for being selected to attend the One Young World Summit that took place over the past few days! Congrats!

Lastly, this past month’s contributions to our larger #YearofConnection campaign would not have been possible without the insights of NY Travel Fest and Use Your Difference Magazine for collaborating with us on our monthly Twitter chat (check out the hashtags #EAYoC and #NYTF) and webinar respectively!

We cannot give thanks for all of our partners enough; there is so much to be proud of moving forward. We are excited for all of the changes to come, because we know that with our extensive partner network, we can tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time in our own ways.

Wednesday Wisdom” is a weekly series curated by Everyday Ambassador Partnerships Manager Anjana Sreedhar. Every Wednesday, we will feature updates from our partners and reflections from the Everyday Ambassador community. To stay current with our latest posts, follow #wednesdaywisdom or #wordstoliveby on our other platforms, and check back regularly for updates.

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