It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Detox

Good Morning, Detoxing Ambassadors!

It’s been a wild week. The holidays are rapidly approaching, I haven’t bought a single gift yet, and I may or may not have seen Star Wars last night, so needless to say my brain is a little fried (and also full of all the amazingness that was The Force Awakens. No spoilers, just go see it).

That being said, I hope you will forgive me for taking a lazy day in an effort to practice what I preach every Friday and take a little digital break. Speaking of taking a lazy day, that’s just one of the various subjects covered in my very first EA webinar, part of our epic Year of Connection campaign. I joined Anjana, our fierce Partnerships Manager, to discuss how we can be Ambassadors Everyday throughout the holidays, whether we’re gifting, traveling, or simply getting together with friends and eating too much.

What’s that, you say!? Yesterday you were busy because you ran to see Star Wars, too?! Well, then, you’re in luck! Check out our webinar, Checkin’ It Twice: The EA Last Minute Gift List! (Because we all know that what the Internet really loves is a good list).

If you just so happen to achieve any of the Year of Connection points we bring up for the holidays, tweet us, tag us, or post on our wall! Don’t be shy, we don’t bite!

To wrap up my lazy post, may I (proudly) introduce you to some serious #Swag?:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.41.44 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.42.01 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.42.33 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.42.50 AM









Our fantastic Graphic Designer/Creative Director Extraordinaire, Miss Kim Li, whipped up a wearable reminder of the power of disconnecting in order to connect. Then, we slapped it on some threads. Choose from comfy tees, to cozy long sleeves and delicious hoodies (I anxiously await mine). But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and these good things end on December 27, 2015. Snag one for yourself, as a gift, or for your whole family! Your whole neighborhood?? YOUR ENTIRE OFFICE? (Please excuse the shameless self promotion, but we’re very proud of our little baby swag, just trying to make its way in this crazy world).

Wouldn’t it be great to look in the mirror throughout the holidays and be reminded of the importance of taking a digital break? And then look in the mirror on any other days throughout the year and be faced with that same reminder?

Because, after all, we’re all just a Digital Detox Work-in-Progress.

P.S.: In case you forget, links to our threads are posted at the top of both our 
Facebook page and our Twitter feed. No time like the present(s). 

“Digital Detox” is a weekly series written by Victoria Freyre. Every Friday, we explore different ways to disconnect, use the digital world responsibly, and rekindle human connection. To stay current with our latest posts,  follow #digitaldetox on our other platforms and check back regularly for updates.

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