A New Beginning

FYLN4CE6C7Dear Readers,

I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom, and this is actually where I began to write. Within my room’s seven yellow walls (an oddly shaped room), I began my first journal entry here as a thirteen-year-old writing on school, friends, and feelings; today, it’s also the place where I am writing my last-ever “Bucket List” piece for Everyday Ambassador.

With a new year comes new changes and new beginnings, and today marks the last day I’ll be regularly contributing to a column on Everyday Ambassador. In the year ahead, I’ll be refocusing my efforts to develop Everyday Ambassador’s newest service lines and points of community engagement as the Chief Operations Officer, and this column, as is, will no longer exist.

EA LogoOur wonderful editorial team will be announcing a new content schedule shortly, so please do look out for that. In the meantime though, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for reading and for helping me give this column life with your ideas and acts of ambassadorship. I started writing on “Bucket List” at the beginning of 2014, and in the time since, I’ve shared perspectives on our core values of empathy, focus, patience, and humility. I’ve also covered topics such as the global food system, social entrepreneurship, philanthropywomen’s empowerment, youth empowerment, storytelling for social changeenvironmental policy, and the Global Goals. Even more so though, I’ve told your stories on resilience, compassion, and your deep desire to connect with and give back to others.

It is through these stories that I’ve started to understand genuine “everyday ambassadorship”.

No matter how heartbreaking the headlines have been or how difficult some news has been to accept, I’ve been inspired by the many ways you all have created and shared “events, conferences, and happenings” that have ignited my “inner activist” and have continually renewed my faith in our community. For all that and so much more, I cannot thank you enough.

With love,

“Bucket List” is a weekly series curated by Everyday Ambassador Chief Operations Officer Audrey del Rosario. Every Saturday, we will feature events, conferences, and happenings that spark conversation and ignite your inner activist. To stay current with our latest posts, follow #bucketlist or #EAinspired on our other platforms, and check back regularly for updates.

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