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What is an Everyday Ambassador?

An Everyday Ambassador brings Empathy, Focus, Humility, and Patience to the forefront of their life as they strive to make social change either at home or abroad, in a soueidan-01big way or an every day way. An Everyday Ambassador is mindful of the dangers of a hyper-connected, digital world and works towards using tech as a tool, rather than a distraction.

Lupita-02An Everyday Ambassador could be your neighbor, or your idol. An Everyday Ambassador could be a famous face, but they also might be somebody who is not always recognized, but who works tirelessly to bridge gaps between cultures and puts themselves in the shoes of others in order to better understand social issues and their remedies.

Most importantly, an Everyday Ambassador strives to create lasting, positive social change in the world around them. 

Chances are, you already know a stellar example of an Everyday Ambassador in your own life. And that’s why we want YOU to nominate our next Ambassador of the Week!

Here are all the ways you can let us know your pick for a future AoW feature:

  1. Let us know via Facebook! You can send us a message or post on our wall.
  2. Tweet us your suggestion! You can also send us a direct message on Twitter.
  3. Drop a comment on Instagram!
  4. Fill out the handy dandy contact form below! Tell us the name of your Nominee and tell us a little bit about why you think they would be a perfect fit for a feature on Ambassador of the Week!*:

You can see past examples of Ambassador of the Week write-ups here! We can’t wait to hear from you!


The Everyday Ambassador Team

*If possible, give your nominee a heads up!

Ambassador of the Week brings you the stories of people living the Everyday Ambassador core values, be it past or present. To nominate your own AoW, check out #AmbassadoroftheWeek & #AoW on our social media platforms and send us your submission! 

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