A Hopeful Ambassador

Dear Ambassadorista:

I stumbled upon your Facebook page through a friend of a friend. I loved what I saw and I’ve been following all of your social media accounts for a while now, but to be honest, I’m kind of confused. What, exactly, does it mean to be an Everyday Ambassador? Can I still be one even though I’ve never volunteered in a foreign country? Need some guidance!


A Hopeful Ambassador

Dear [Future] Ambassador:

Great news! You don’t need a passport to be an Everyday Ambassador!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed while keeping up with our social media accounts, we have four core values that all Everyday Ambassadors should live by: Empathy, Humility, Patience, and Focus. If you exercise these concepts in your everyday interactions, you’re well on your way to becoming an EA (that is, if you aren’t one already!).

BookLet me spin it to you this way: When an Everyday Ambassador is faced with a difficult issue, whether that issue is at home or abroad, they take the following steps. They need empathy to truly and genuinely understand the problem. Then they find the focus to come up with a realistic solution and/or idea towards a solution. They need patience to see it through, even if the going is slow. Finally, they need the humility to know that they probably won’t be the magical knight riding in to save the day and to know that there’s always something to learn, even in seemingly problematic situations.

The first and most important step to becoming an Everyday Ambassador is to stretch and work out those core value muscles so that they’re constantly sharp and ready to use. It can be as simple as having a more civil political discussion with friends and/or family, or something as complicated as helping to install and operate a mobile internet hub in rural Kenya. You can even be an Everyday Ambassador via social media, by making meaningful conversations (and avoiding judgmental comments) when engaging with others, especially people whose views are different than yours.

I could keep going, but I’m sure you’re itching to get out there for a core value work out sesh. If you’re looking for some solid examples of our values in action, may I humbly suggest our book?: Everyday Ambassador – Make a Difference by Connecting in a Disconnected World. You’ll get to meet all kinds of Everyday Ambassadors from all around the world who are practicing empathy, humility, patience, and focus in their everyday lives, and you won’t even need a passport to do it!

The Everyday Ambassadorista


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