August Partner Wrap-Up

This August, we are excited to introduce everyone to the newest member of our ever-expanding network and share the updates of our veteran members. The last Wednesday of every month is dedicated to showcasing the incredible work that these organizations do in the name of social impact! See what each organization is up to, and reach out to them to lend your support.


Our Newest Partner

Pacific Dicovery

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“I no longer question whether or not to leap into new and unknown experiences, no longer stand in the way of myself and of my happiness. This program gives every person the opportunity to learn about themselves and learn how to interact with the earth. Today, I look at the world as a place full of opportunities for learning, for meeting strangers who will change you, for finding what makes you happy, over and over again, in every corner of the earth.”

 -Serena Feingold, New Zealand & Australia Semester alumnae, 2014

Pacific Discovery offers experiential gap year semester and summer programs abroad. Our programs are deliberate overland journeys, blending authentic immersion in diverse cultures, meaningful service-learning projects, rewarding adventures, wilderness exploration, and personal development.

Update: There are positions still available for our Spring 2017 South America, Southeast Asia, Himalayas, and New Zealand and Australia semester programs. Contact Pacific Discovery for more information or begin your application today!

Our Veteran Partners


Spark Logo_Tagline2013

Spark Ventures is an innovative non-profit with a mission to provide sustainable solutions that lift communities out of poverty. The Spark Ventures model of business driven philanthropy leverages charitable contributions to fund food and agriculture investments in emerging market social enterprises. The returns from these investments endow high impact social program partners with sustainable revenue to provide education, health and nutrition to the most vulnerable in that country. Measuring impact through job creation, financial and social impact metrics, Spark links economic and community development to help lift communities out of poverty.

Update: Spark Ventures has announced a full calendar of 2017 Impact Travel opportunities to their partner organizations in Zambia & Nicaragua. Spark Ventures’ Impact Travel offers an opportunity for travelers to see this groundbreaking social enterprise work up close, to engage in meaningful volunteer work with children and local leaders, and to see cultural and natural highlights of the countries where Spark Ventures works. More information on the upcoming trips can be found here.


Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year, a non-profit social enterprise re-imagining the “gap year” as a purposeful “bridge year” for emerging leaders.

Update: “Global Citizen Year proudly welcomed over 110 Fellows into its latest cohort, making this the largest cohort to date! As the 2017 Fellows begin their immersion in Ecuador, Senegal, Brazil, and India, Global Citizen Year has started accepting applications for the 2018 cohort.”


Middy Fund

Middy Fund is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization that teaches middle school students to use design thinking and entrepreneurial skills to find innovative solutions to problems they face as individuals and as a community. With mentoring from ‘High School Project Managers’ and College Consultants, they learn to design, develop, pitch, and fundraise for their own projects.

Update: “August was an exciting month for us high school mentors at MiddyFund as we were preparing to go back to St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Academy to start yet another semester of brainstorming and developing innovative solutions to problems the middle school students face everyday. This August, our MiddyFund family grew by yet another eager high school student who joins us in partnership management. I can’t wait to introduce you to Vlad as he will be MiddyFund’s new point person for partnerships!

In addition, MiddyFund is excited to also announce that we will be starting MiddyFund High School clubs in public high schools around the city. Our goal is simple: to help the students in public high schools have a platform where they can help make differences in their communities through social entrepreneurship skills we bring to them!”

Middy Fund


S.O.U.L. Uganda

S.O.U.L. Foundation fosters sustainable and vibrant Ugandan communities through unique partnerships focused on education, women’s empowerment, food security, and maternal health.

Update: “This August, S.O.U.L. Foundation held a successful Student Sponsorship Breakfast in Denver! This event gave American sponsors the opportunity to video chat with their students and learn more about S.O.U.L.’s education initiatives. S.O.U.L. also launched a successful student sponsorship campaign that facilitated awareness about our education program and helped S.O.U.L. ambassadors around the world better understand how to support our work.”


Globe Aware

Globe Aware develops short-term volunteer programs in international environments that encourage people to immerse themselves in a unique way of giving back. Our adventures in service focus on cultural awareness and sustainability.

Update: “Inspired by a volunteer’s recent service trip to Ghana, our mission is to provide lunch for the hungry kindergartners at the village school we work in. For many of these children it could be the only meal they eat all day. It only takes a donation of $11 to feed one child for an entire month! We aim to nourish 200 children to ensure their learning will not be hindered by the experience of hunger. In July we raised enough money to feed 38 children. If you would like to help us meet our goal to feed the children, you can contribute here.”

Globe Aware


Human Connections

Human Connections is a social enterprise that brings together people from diverse backgrounds through educational programs, fostering positive cross-cultural relationships and economic empowerment for the local community.

Update: “We have recently launched an online store with the goal of connecting our local artisans directly with international markets to boost sales, particularly through the low tourism season. Our artisans’ products will soon also be featured on National Geographic’s artisan store, Novica.

We are also excited to announce that applications for our winter internship program have just opened. This intensive professional development program will focus on social entrepreneurship and development.”

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