Investing After Irma (UPDATED)

Calling all Ambassadors, once again!

Updated for Puerto Rico and Mexico:

In the time it’s taken me to put this post together, we’ve had a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shake parts of Mexico (again), as well as Hurricane Maria pummeling the Caribbean, knocking any all power out on the island of Puerto Rico. Now, more than ever, we need to come together as Everyday Ambassadors, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.


  • Refinery29 – Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts.
  • United for Puerto Rico (Unidos por Puerto Rico) – Puerto Rico’s First Lady, Beatriz Rosselló, is working together with the private sector to bring relief.
  • Hispanic Federation – They are the premier Latino nonprofit membership organization in the US. They are accepting donations for both Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  • BuzzFeed – Mexico Earthquake Relief Efforts.
  • Pix11 – A list of locations to donate in NYC.
  • One American Appeal – If five former US Presidents don’t convince you to get involved…

The Caribbean and Florida took some hits from Hurricane Irma, some places in worse ways than others. We’re having a horrific storm season, with Hurricane Maria now pummeling Dominica and Puerto Rico, with other potential victims in her sights. Needless to say, now is the time for us to come together to help rebuild. Parts of the Florida Keys and Cuba sustained terrible damage.

Damage to the Keys after Irma.
Damage to the Keys after Irma. Photo: Erik S. Lesser/EPA

So let’s cut right to the chase. I’m a native Floridian, which gave me an advantage with crowdsourcing local recovery and relief efforts from my friends and family in the Miami area. If you’re questioning an organization’s calls for donations, please make sure to stop by Charity Navigator in order to do a little more research before donating your money.

  • First and foremost, I want to highlight the work of our Everyday Ambassador Community member CubaOne Foundation. They’ve gone above and beyond, and they are calling for volunteers to head to Cuba at the end of this month to lend a hand.
    • When? October 25-30
    • Who Can Go? In their words, “This trip is open to anyone and everyone who wants to help. All we ask is participants fundraise $1,500, pack a bag of supplies, and are ready to get to work helping the Cuban people. Participants can sign up online at and we’ll be in touch quickly to get things moving.”
Cuba after Irma
Photo: CubaOne Foundation
  • United Way of Miami – If you’re local to South Florida, you can apply to volunteer. If not, you can donate directly through their website.
  • Urban Paradise Guild – They are also accepting volunteers, and they have a list of desired supplies for Irma relief efforts.
  • The Miami New Times – This scrappy publication has three articles for locals and non-locals alike to get involved, including:
  • Volunteer Florida – They have volunteer opportunities listed, as well as a space to make a donation.
  • The New Tropic – This publication is crowdsourcing relief efforts and donation needs alike.
  • Etsy – Wait, what?! Etsy is helping artists rebuild after the hurricane by matching individual donations!


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