EA helps you train tomorrow’s global leaders.

Everyday Ambassador (EA) equips everyday people with the skills they need to succeed in a competitive, global marketplace by leveraging their volunteer and travel experiences to achieve professional goals.

Are you an educator or an employer of Millennials or young people in “Generation Z”? You probably already know that success in today’s job market relies heavily on intercultural communication and relationship-building skills – for developing a personal network in this digital age, creating a positive company culture, generating solutions that meet true needs, and building trust within and across organizations. However, in an age of social media, these skills are more difficult to cultivate than ever before – especially for young people today – because digital devices often get in the way us making more meaningful, face-to-face interactions.

Our Philosophy

At Everyday Ambassador, we start with the idea that volunteering and traveling can change the way you interact with others. Beyond just “doing good”, volunteering or working on a social impact initiative in a community different from your own can give you the time, space, and perspective shift needed to start connecting with others more meaningfully. Through each volunteer or travel experience, you are given opportunities to cross cultural lines, practice communicating with people different from yourself, and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Our Approach

Our work begins with understanding each school or organization’s unique strengths and challenges in supporting students or employees in their professional development before, during, or after a travel or social impact program. Based on this feedback, we then work with you to craft resources that meet your institution’s needs – from on-site workshops to speaking engagements on themes from our book to full consultative services. No one set of solutions is the same, and our work is built to only complement any preexisting student or employee engagement work.

Interested? E-mail Audrey del Rosario to learn more!


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