Everyday Ambassador is a network for young individuals who are currently pursuing or have completed an international service opportunity, an overseas fellowship, and/or a travel experience.

Our MissionAbout Page

We do so by showcasing inspired development work led by real students and seasoned practitioners, whom we call “Everyday Ambassadors”.Everyday Ambassador provides young people the support they need to have meaningful conversations and reflections during and after their service and travel opportunities.

  • On our blog, we highlight important must-reads, productive uses of digital media, and ways to cultivate your inner activist.
  • We also offer workshops and trainings for college and university campuses in order to spark conversations.
  • Finally, we will provide access to various educational resources, such as curriculum materials and webinars, for students and instructors to self-educate and to encourage others to see travel and service in a new light.

Our Vision

At Everyday Ambassador (EA), we believe that more young people are being encouraged to serve and travel in a world that is more digitally connected and more globally minded. Traveling itself provides a student the chance to encounter new cultural values and is a form of experiential learning. At the same, volunteering allows for opportunities for community assistance, for self-reflection, and for learning empathy.

As Everyday Ambassadors, we are called to view these experiences through an educated and empathetic lens, but we understand that many students do not know how to do so. We truly believe that when a young individual adopts this lens, he or she can encourage whole communities to practice self-awareness and cultural sensitivity. As a network, we equip students and young globe-trotters with the resources to make educated assessments of their surroundings beyond the classroom. We also share stories of do-gooders in the field who have emphasized constructive uses of technology, who have found real solutions through human connections, and who have been brave enough to admit their mistakes.

Overall, Everyday Ambassador hopes to inspire young individuals to make these conscientious evaluations of their time abroad. At the same, we strive to cultivate meaningful global conversations through grassroots diplomacy.