Our Team

“Everyday Ambassador” is a movement for critical thinking  and reflective action on individual public service and global citizenship in a digital age, brought to you by our team of passionate, dedicated team members. If you are interested in joining the EA Team, please visit this page.

Anya Elena Urcuyo : Outreach Manager

Anya oversees partnership outreach and foster opportunities for business development and  community engagement.

Anya Urcuyo is an undergraduate student studying International Health and Policy in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. Ultimately she intends to pursue an MPA. Anya aims to focus on how to better Latin American health care systems and the proper distribution of foreign aid. She is passionate about creating a mutual understanding of all cultures and not imposing others values.

Audrey del Rosario: Director of Brand Strategy

Audrey leads new product development, operations, and the design of EA’s strategic communications across all of our platforms, on and offline.  She also authors Saturday’s “Bucket List” column and regularly writes on community and industry updates.

Audrey del Rosario is a business development specialist who builds strategic partnerships and campaigns for international businesses, organizations, and individuals. Drawing from her experiences in various parts of the United States, the Philippines, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, she has continually sought opportunities to work in the intersection of social impact and international public policy. She has worked with brands, such as Oxfam America; The Advisory Board Company; the Seven Bar Foundation; and Echoing Green, and holds a BA in International Studies from Stonehill College. When not exploring new avenues in international affairs or her adopted hometown of Washington, D.C., Audrey is a part-time open mic performer, an amateur food critic, and an aspiring academic in comparative politics.

Kate Otto: Founder and Executive Director 

Kate directs the EA Team and authored the forthcoming book, Everyday Ambassador: Creating Connections that Last in a Digitally Distracted World.  She feels perpetually blessed for the talent and passion each member brings to the mission and movement! 

Kate Otto is a global health consultant who has worked in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Haiti for several development institutions including The World Bank, USAID, and various grassroots organizations. She designs, deploys, and researches innovative mobile phone-based technologies to improve health service delivery in areas of HIV/AIDS care, maternal and child health and nutrition. Kate is the author of forthcoming book Everyday Ambassador: Creating Connections that Last in a Digitally Distracted World and writes for Huffington Post and Christian Science Monitor. Kate graduated from New York University with a BA in International Relations and an MPA in Health Policy and Management, and will begin pursuing her MD at the NYU School of Medicine this fall. She is a proud Reynolds Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship, Starting Bloc Fellow, Truman Scholar, Luce Scholar, and member of the Academy of Achievement. Check out Kate’s 2012 TEDx Talk and her 2009 NYU commencement speech.

Kimberly Li: Creative Director 

Kimberly is a graphic designer who develops and implements visually engaging EA content.  Her work gives the organization a cohesive image that is reflective of our mission of connectivity. 

Kimberly Li is a recent graduate from the UNC-Chapel Hill.  She double majored in Business Administration and Stu­­dio Art and hopes to utilize her background in business and art to create meaningful and effective designs.  She maintains an online portfolio of her work, and is also deeply interested in international relations.  While at UNC, she was involved in the Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit and the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association.

MacKenzie Rawcliffe: Website Manager 

MacKenzie is a web developer who focuses on making technology work to support real connections and fit smoothly into our lives. 

MacKenzie Rawcliffe is a jack of all trades with a passion for helping people connect with and understand other cultures in surprising and creative ways. She has done research on indigenous land rights in Kenya and taught english in France and rural Pakistan.  MacKenzie graduated from Tufts University with a BA in International Relations and from the University of Maine with a Masters in International Relations and a Masters in Public Administration – both with concentrations in environmental policy.

Meg VanDeusen: Partnerships Director

Meg creates and fosters our Partnerships with organizations who “walk the talk” of Everyday Ambassador.  She regularly features our Experiential Partners on her “Wednesday Wisdom” column in order to provide our readers stories from various service and travel opportunities.

Meg VanDeusen is a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Currently she serves as the On Site Administrator for Shanti Bhavani Children’s Project, a residential K-12 school for children from India’s “Backwards Castes.” It was here, several years ago, that Meg first began to question what it means to engage in social impact work internationally. She will serve as an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright Scholar starting in 2015. She is constantly looking for new experiences to deepen her understanding of what it means to be an Everyday Ambassador. In her spare time Meg loves to cook, especially for other people, and commits to the belief that anything can be accomplished over a shared meal.

Travis Horne:  Communications Specialist

Travis gives voice to our social media channels and engages our EA community by sparking meaningful conversations in the virtual world.

Travis Horne hails from the small city of Columbia, SC where he received his BA in International Studies from the University of South Carolina. He is currently navigating post-grad life in Washington, D.C., where he is employed as a government and media relations specialist for the government. Travis had the opportunity to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain while in college, which turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his life thus far. In his free time he enjoys watching the Food Network (and wishing he could cook), frequenting the book store, and attending local sporting events.

Victoria Freyre: Columnist

Victoria is a passionate writer who pens our “Digtal Detox” weekly series. With her talent and business development experience, she also aids EA’s various campaigns and upcoming initiatives.

Victoria Freyre’s deep seeded love of writing dates back to her first completed work, a five chapter story she penned at age 12, chronicling the unrequited love of a teen for her next door neighbor. Ever since then, writing has a been a constant devotion and necessity in her life. Whether she is jotting down bits of wacky conversation between her unsuspecting friends or writing what she thinks will be the quintessential great american novel, she can always be found armed with some kind of messy notebook and various multi-colored pens. Born and raised in the humid suburbs of Miami, Victoria currently resides in the delicious city of Chicago with her boyfriend and her slightly maladjusted pup. She is thrilled to bring her distinct observations to the Everyday Ambassador community.