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If so, we warmly invite you to become a member of this growing community and our team.  Participation means sharing your experience on this site in the form of a feature article, as well as commenting on past posts, and engaging in discussions on any of our social media platforms. We love to hear about other service-oriented networks, and other organizations raising the bar on what it means to engage in ‘world-changing’ work.  Of course we also encourage offline community-building and are happy to come to your campus or organization to host workshops and trainings.

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We are currently offering part-time, volunteer positions in the fields of curriculum development, graphic design, branding and marketing, social media, communications, and partnership development.

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We invite individuals and organizations to submit guest posts to Everyday Ambassador, and hope you find our guidelines to be helpful in preparing and submitting your post. Remember – the most powerful, world-changing work begins by building a meaningful relationship, especially with people whose backgrounds, upbringings, culture, and ideologies are different than our own. It is in each of our individual capacity to be a builder of bridges, no matter what form our outreach takes.

Ignite a conversation about “everyday ambassadorship”.

As a network, we strive to connect young people with the resources they need to successfully complete and reflect on travel experiences, social impact initiatives, and service opportunities.


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