Host a Workshop

Ignite a conversation about everyday ambassadorship. 

As a network, we strive to connect young people with the resources they need to successfully complete and reflect on travel experiences, social impact initiatives, and service opportunities.

What our workshops offer:

  • Professional development on how to avoid digital distraction and master modern social media, to change the world for the better
  • Membership and networking within a global network of individuals and organizations who are changing the world through thoughtful service initiatives
  • Constructive skills for building college and career paths in 21st century public service and global citizenship
  • Opportunities to contribute to the Everyday Ambassador website and promote the work they do on campus
  • Guided reflection before or after completing a travel or service opportunity
  • Skill-building in intercultural communication, cultural awareness, and social entrepreneurship

Previous Everyday Ambassador workshops:

Previous EA Workshops

Workshop Logistics:

  • Everyday Ambassador workshops are hosted by Kate Otto, the Founder of Everyday Ambassador, or Audrey del Rosario, Director of Brand Strategy.
  • A half-day Everyday Ambassador workshop package provides students with personalized and school/classroom-customized guidance on applying Everyday Ambassador principles to their individual careers in college and beyond.
  • Workshops involve a combination of small group problem-solving exercises, individual reflections and sharing, and direct feedback and guidance from Kate, on as individual a level as possible.
  • Everyday Ambassador workshops can be organized by either students or faculty, and hosted through student clubs, classrooms, school-wide offices, or any other unit interested in hosting.
  • If you are interested in hosting an Everyday Ambassador event or workshop, please email Kate Otto.