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We invite individuals and organizations to submit guest posts to Everyday Ambassador, and hope you find the guidelines below to be helpful in preparing and submitting your post. Remember – the most powerful, world-changing work begins by building a meaningful relationship, especially with people whose backgrounds, upbringings, culture, and ideologies are different than our own. It is in each of our individual capacity to be a builder of bridges, no matter what form our outreach takes. Keep sharing your amazing work!


What gets published on EA?


Everyday Ambassador highlights the power of everyday people to create immensely positive change in the world. By ‘change’ we don’t mean ending hunger, fighting poverty, or universalizing health and education. Positive change in the world means building strong relationships with the people who you aim to serve. Why? Because with relationships come trust, respect, and dignity. Hearts and minds change. Eventually, behavior and actions change. A better world emerges.  Everyday Ambassador is dedicated to sharing your lessons in humility, patience, perseverance, and empathy, and showcasing the relationships that make your service work so meaningful.

What should I write about?

Guest blog posts should be 500-800 words and focus on (1) the obstacles you have encountered when it comes to human connection across borders (national, ethnic, religious, socio-economic, age, gender and/or others); and (2) the strategies you have learned to employ in your service work to truly connect on a human level when it comes to achieving social impact.  Organizations may submit posts answering the same foci but from an institutional perspective.

What voice or writing style should I employ?

Primarily, this post should feature raw feelings, doubts, concerns, and instincts, but be sure to approach each piece from the view of a mentor.  We are not interested in pleasant-sounding answers to complex problems of global struggle; we are interested in hearing your honest, poignant, even troubling ‘teaching moments’, and the questions they prompt in your heart.  Human interest stories get clicks, and clicks can help establish a new culture, so be sure to write at a human level, minimizing jargon and technical language. Don’t be afraid to be controversial!

I’m stuck. Got any prompts?

  • What prepared you best and/or what advice would you offer to someone so they can enter a local community with learning at heart rather than “helping”?
  • When is the first time you saw the person you were helping as a real person, not a “victim” or “beneficiary”?  What changed once you made that distinction?
  • Is it OK to engage in service for a brief period of time, even though the problems we work on seem endless in the effort required to solve them?
  • In such a fast paced world where multi-tasking and constant connectivity are high values, what does it mean to ‘unplug’ or ‘slow down’? Is there some greater sense of connectedness that comes from ‘disconnecting’?
  • What has been one of your most vulnerable moments and why? What is the value in not just ‘helping others’ but also recognizing the ways in which someone is helping you too?

What does a great EA post look like?

So glad you asked! Here are two examples of articles that get plenty of hits:


How do I submit a post for publication?

Posts can be emailed to Audrey del Rosario with the subject line “EA Post for Review: [Your Name or Organization’s Name]”. Please include 3-5 accompanying photos as well as any video links that you would like to include in the post.  Posts will be reviewed and scheduled for publication, and you will be contacted in advance of publication to review any edits to the post. If you are submitting a piece as part of a larger campaign or advocacy effort, please be specific about your date preferences for publication. We will always do our best to accommodate.

Thank you for being an Everyday Ambassador!