What I Learned Spending Pride at Church

christians at supreme court

Hearing out opposition opinions is a demonstration of your own maturity and capacity for love. Insults can yield a lot of short term “likes” from our echo chambers, and yes, there may be some people who will never reciprocate your offer to connect, but every opportunity for explaining, connecting, and listening will build bridges in the long run.

Should we feel Empathy for a Racist Murderer?


In the face of last week’s act of domestic terrorism, we as Everyday Ambassadors are called to employ our empathy to try and make the world a better place. It’s not about making excuses for a terrorist, and not about politicizing human grief. It’s about being as understanding as we can possibly be about how evils like racism still persist, for the sake of solving and eliminating these ills.

Self-Entitlement or Self-Hate behind Faking Black? #AskRachel


If you’ve missed the #AskRachel hash-tag humor of the past few days, here’s the basics: Rachel Dolezal, a prominent black activist and NAACP chapter leader in Spokane, Washington, was “outed” last week for not actually being black. Her white parents spoke to the media to confirm her Caucasian background, and the media tornado is already swirling around this bizarre situation. How […]