The Beauty & Pain: 10 Years Post-Katrina

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I hope you’ll take a moment today to reflect on Hurricane Katrina, on natural disasters as a whole, and the incredible beauty of human resilience that shines through when we’re put in helpless conditions that are out of our individual control. At the same time, I hope you’ll also ponder the dilemma of how easy it can be to not act when there are people immediately in front of us who need support.

Who Would an Everyday Ambassador Vote For?

gop debate

Sure, it can be incredibly refreshing to hear a politician who answers a question directly, rather than use the 1 minute to spout off a resume and skirt around the inquiry. There is great promise in a leader who wastes no time with euphemisms and jargon, who instead gets to the heart of an issue so as to leave more time for building more effective solutions. But there is nothing commendable about a presidential candidate—or any human being—who is outright disrespectful and a bully to those around him or her.