Why Going to Study Abroad is More Than Just Learning Another Language…

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Today’s post comes from Caroline Osinki, with our partner organization Use Your Difference Media. Caroline believes that TCKs (third culture kids) have an important role to play in this globalizing world as ‘bridge-builders’ and ’cultural translators.’ Beyond her study abroad experience in the U.K., Caroline works in the intercultural training space as Global Training Manager […]

Why Scholars Wander


Today’s post comes from the co-founders of The Wandering Scholar, Shannon O’Halloran Keating and Tamara Walker. We celebrate their achievement in continuing to push students to think critically and engage in communities that aren’t familiar to their own. The Wandering Scholar is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to make international education opportunities accessible to […]

Taking the Trip of a Lifetime


Think back to your most memorable travel experience. Where did you visit? Who did you meet? How did you experience the local culture? And most importantly, what did you learn from the experience? Regardless of destination, travel changes us. It compels us to step out of our comfort zone, try new things, and examine ourselves […]