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Dear Everyday Ambassador Subscriber, You may have noticed that your regular dose of world perspective and introspective thoughtfulness (AKA blog posts from Everyday Ambassador) have been missing from your life for the last few weeks. This was because we updated our subscription service to give you control over what you receive and when. We were […]

On Growing Up: Lessons in Commitment, Empathy, Patience and Humility


Shanti Bhavan children and volunteers alike are some of the most empathetic, patient, committed, and humble everyday ambassadors that I know. At Shanti Bhavan, the volunteers and the children they serve discover together that no one is “foreign” and nothing is impossible to overcome.

The Language of Understanding


Today’s piece comes from EA’s own Audrey del Rosario. Audrey, our Brand Strategist, is one of our newest team members and is sharing today an experience that got her thinking on what EA is all about. I chose Audrey’s piece for today to help us all remember that living outside our comfort zones is a hard thing to do, and that that’s okay. If it was easy we wouldn’t have!