Empower your students to translate their travel or volunteer experiences into meaningful social impact careers.

Everyday Ambassador offers a variety of interactive training workshops for high school and college students who are interested in building careers in social impact and public service.

In a job market that often emphasizes technical expertise, interpersonal skills are a valuable commodity. These competencies currently make up one-third of the skills requested in all U.S. job postings. While many students are equipped with technical knowledge, many have demonstrated a lack of preparedness in soft skills, like planning, communication, and critical thinking. This lack of knowledge, or the “employer skills gap,” can only be closed with the right mix of training and practice.

We see volunteering as a way of closing this skills gap. Beyond the evident goal of “doing good”, volunteer service has the potential to give all students the time and space to learn how to have conversations across cultural divides. Our curriculum prepares students for travel or volunteer experiences and helps them later translate those experiences into meaningful social impact careers.

Past engagements with schools have included:
  • Leadership development workshops covering intercultural interaction, design thinking, and relationship-building skills
  • Guided reflection before and after completing travel, a volunteer experience, or a social impact initiative
  • Professional development support to help students brand their travel, volunteer, or social impact experiences for employers
  • Community- and movement-building skills for creating lasting social change in on- and offline initiatives
  • Key lessons from our best-selling book, Everyday Ambassador: Make a Difference By Connecting in a Disconnected World
  • Ongoing access to travel and volunteer advice, on-demand skill webinars, and an online community of Everyday Ambassadors
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