Carrboro High School, NC
New York University Changemakers Training

Empower your students to transform volunteer and travel experiences into lasting social change.

Everyday Ambassador offers a variety of interactive training workshops for high school and college students who are interested in building careers in social impact and public service. Past workshops have included:

  • Professional and leadership development in the fields of intercultural interaction, cultural awareness, and social entrepreneurship
  • Guided reflection before or after completing travel, a volunteer experience, or a social impact initiative
  • Community- and movement-building skills for creating lasting social change in offline initiatives
  • Key lessons from our best-selling book, Everyday Ambassador: Make a Difference By Connecting in a Disconnected World

Workshops are facilitated by Everyday Ambassador co-Founders, Kate Otto and Audrey del Rosario. Half-day workshops of up to 50 participants are customized together with you, and incorporate problem-solving exercises, discussions of key principles featured in the EA book, individual reflections, and direct feedback and guidance from facilitators on an individual level.

E-mail Audrey del Rosario to schedule your workshop!


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