Give your employees the skills they need to succeed in a global marketplace.

Everyday Ambassador knows that success in a digital and global marketplace means having excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal relationship skills. 

In a world we are more digitally connected than ever before, we are too often less humanly connected. Too often, we let social media and our digital devices get in the way of face-to-face conversations, and it becomes increasingly more difficult to create and sustain genuine connections.

These genuine relationships are more important than ever – in building trust across organizations, in developing solutions that meet clients’ true needs, and in encouraging employees to feel connected with one another. Help your employees thrive in a digital and global marketplace through our advisory services.

Some previous clients: KPMG, U.N. General Youth Assembly, Global Issues Network, Points of Light, Trip of a Lifetime, Next Generation of Government Training Summit, and Boys and Girls Club

Past engagements with organizations include:
  • Leadership development workshops on relationship-building, corporate citizenship, personal branding, and diversity and inclusion
  • Motivational speaking on what it means to be socially conscious leader and global citizen
  • Tool kits and customized advisory services to build successful teams, improve client relationships, and strengthen professional networks in today’s digital and global marketplace
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