Give your employees the skills they need to succeed in a global marketplace

Everyday Ambassador knows that success in a global marketplace means having excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal relationship skills. Let us help your employees to improve these skill sets through the following services:

  • Training workshops for professional and leadership development in the fields of responsible citizenship, intercultural interaction, and cultural awareness.
  • Motivational speaking on best practices sourced from our global network of gold-standard volunteer, travel, and study abroad organizations that catalyze positive social change at the grassroots level.
  • Tool kits and customized advisory services to build successful teams, improve client relationships, and strengthen professional networks in today’s global, digital marketplace.

E-mail Audrey del Rosario to learn more.



Sidebars, our founder Kate Otto: With KPMG Chairman & CEO Lynne Doughtie, after speaking at KPMG’s 2016 annual meeting / Presenting Everyday Ambassador to the Academy of Achievement in Washington, D.C. / Exchanging books with author and former CMO for private wealth management businesses at Morgan Stanley, Michael Lee Stallard.



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