Go Set a Watchman: How a 1950’s Novel speaks to Sandra Bland’s Tragedy


Uncle Jack’s point is spot on with the ethos of Everyday Ambassador: when we’re faced with people with views that disrespect and mistreat others, we can either run away from them, and refuse to associate with them. Or we can stick around, we can use our relationship with them as a path inward, to try and open their minds, change their thinking, correct their misconceptions. It says that the path to reconciliation and human decency requires discourse and discussion, rather than running away from different opinions.

Click, Click, Crash


But as technological advancements have shown us, the cell phone (now just known as a phone, really. Think about it) has become so much more than just phone calls and person-to-person messaging. Mix that together with our newfound penchant for filling empty gaps of time with screen time and you’ve got yourself some distracted driving, my friend!

If I Were a Boy


Today’s post comes from Rob Handerhan from our partner organization, America’s Unofficial Ambassadors. Rob is a rising senior History major at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) with a specialization in the History of the Islamic World and minors in Arabic and Central Eurasian Studies. This summer, as one of America’s Unoffical Ambassadors to Tajikistan, […]

Weekly Passport: New National Monuments, Paid Leave in the US, & the EU’s Hezbollah Problem

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