What do Millennials have that ALL global citizens need?


When you think about the Millennial generation as the future leaders of the world, what feelings strike you first? For me, I’m thrilled! Nearly every time I meet with students about Everyday Ambassador — in America or abroad — I am faced with their great passion for social change, and their strong sense of awareness about the world […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Smart Phone: Part I


From the very first step, I referenced my phone for directions on the El (aka Elevated Tain, because us Chicagoans simply cannot be bothered to say the remaining four syllables) as well as tracking their flight to time my departure. But as soon as we connected and sat down on the train to travel back into the American Skyscraper Metropolis, we used our devices for evil rather than good, checking up on the media yawning puppy video updates as if our very lives depended on it.

It all started with one village…


Today’s post comes from Devin Faris with our partner organizations S.O.U.L. and Global Health Corps. After working with refugees and people affected by HIV near Kampala, Uganda, and after numerous visits to Bujagali, he relocated to New York City to complete his M.A. in International Education with hopes of one day returning. Devin is a 2014-2015 Global […]

Weekly Passport: Disaster Relief Roaches, Voluntourism Gone Wrong, & #AskHamas


| Disaster Relief Roaches | #Asking #Hamas | Dwindling Outbreak a Problem for Vaccines | Mexican Mayoral Murder | A Chairman Interrupts | The Problems with Effective Altruism | Banning Bony Models | A Voluntourism Setback | Changing Cyber Security Perspective | Gay Civil Rights Bill Tops Priorities List |

Presenting … EA’s Brand New Website!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.32.34 AM

  Dearest EA Community, The day has finally arrived! After months and months of tinkering, testing, designing, and discussion, our EA team has finally launched our brand new website! There’s a lot I hope you’ll notice about the site — its sleek and inviting layout, the easy homepage subscription box, a newly integrated Instagram feed, more […]