Weekly Passport: A Letter to the President, Silenced Dissidents, & #AmbassadorOf


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Our Everyday Ambassador team is thrilled to begin a very special countdown today … it’s officially 50 Days until the publication of our book on May 26th! (If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you can still do so, here!) And as the clock ticks down, we want to celebrate the mission of Everyday Ambassador by featuring a new Everyday Ambassador each day. We’re […]

Fake It Till You Waste It


She enters the bathroom once more, slowly peeking in to stare at her reflection. After she snaps a few (dozen) more photos, she returns to her room and sits on her bed, clicking on the icon for Photogram, the most popular social media app that, like, everyone is on. She uploads the winning photo and cycles through numerous filters. She picks the one that makes her skin glow and makes the colors (of her bathroom) more vibrant.

Taking the Trip of a Lifetime


Think back to your most memorable travel experience. Where did you visit? Who did you meet? How did you experience the local culture? And most importantly, what did you learn from the experience? Regardless of destination, travel changes us. It compels us to step out of our comfort zone, try new things, and examine ourselves […]

Weekly Passport: Disaster Selfies, Open for Business in Indiana, & Scaling Mountains


| Disaster Porn Selfies | Silicon Valley Gender Gap | Poverty & Brain Development | Open for Business in Indiana | Affordable Solar Energy | A Winning Organization | A Mounting Challenge | Meet the Ubulance | Society of Shaming | Carbon Tax Back-and-Forth |