The Egg Dress and the Great (Cultural) Debate


This past week, while the world feasted its eyes on the beautiful but unfortunately labeled, “omelette” dress (pictured right), I was sipping a Belgian ale at the recent premiere of the “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology” exhibit. Taking in the now-humid D.C. spring air, I stood in the courtyard of the National Geographic Museum while […]

Hunting for Humility


This like obsession is a distraction from everything the internet has to teach us. There are endless worlds to explore, cultures to perceive, histories to understand, which broaden our narrow horizons and make us realize that maybe we have it better than most, and that we actually DON’T know everything, and perhaps we should think before we type. I’m the first to admit I get sucked into the like-hole. I refresh my Instagram and frown at my pathetic like collection. I complained to my little cousin about only hitting a max of 43 likes while she laughs and says she thought her 67 was bad.

Forming a Network of Global Volunteers


Today’s post is from one of EA’s newest partners, Global Volunteer Network (GVN). It is written by Colin Salisbury, Founder and President of Global Volunteer Network (GVN), is the founder behind what has become one of the most widely recognized international volunteer service non-profit organizations in the world. In 2002, working out of a room […]

Weekly Passport: Empathy Cards, Jailitis, & Slaughtered Bloggers

Photograph: Kyodo/Associated Press

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