Being Aware of Your Globe

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Today’s post comes from one of EA’s newest partner organizations, GlobeAware. Written by founder and executive director Kimberly Haley-Coleman, this post highlights central EA values such as empathy and patience, and how they all relate to building a comprehensive cultural understanding about our environment. As a high school student in Dallas at Hocakday, I was […]

China is Not Too Simple


Today’s post comes from Alison Marqusee, a first year student at Haverford College. This post reflects on her experience in China during her global gap year with Thinking Beyond Borders. I once heard a saying from a friend who had lived in Japan: “When you’ve spent two weeks in Japan, you know all there is […]

Teaching…or being taught?

Schoool in Xibian

Today’s Post comes from Karl Laubacher, a student currently taking a gap year with Thinking Beyond Borders. TBB provides gap year opportunities for students who want to solve global issues by learning the complexities of aid directly from communities and then committing their careers to applying that expertise. Read more about how their mission aligns to EA […]