To Be Brave


Today’s post comes from Danielle Smogard, a recent college-grad living and teaching in India. The things she misses most from America are raspberries, fall, cappuccinos, and her family and friends. We chose this post for her humility and patience to recognize her role as a volunteer within the greater picture of students’ education. In addition, […]

Learning from Mistakes


While traveling last year, I spoke with a guy that said something quite poignant and I think of it often. We were talking about India, but it is relevant here in Cambodia as well: “If you think that all you will see is the poverty, the rubbish and generally what you perceive as ‘lack of’, that is all you end up seeing.” You will miss the beauty, the life, the magic, your vision is tainted. It is not a matter of going in denial of all these things, but it is allowing your eyes to see beyond them.