Weekly Passport: New National Monuments, Paid Leave in the US, & the EU’s Hezbollah Problem

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Of Mountains and Mad Libs

Sam Falvey

Today’s post comes from Samantha Falvey, a senior majoring in History at the College of New Jersey with experience in American Sign Language and Arabic. This summer she is serving as one of America’s Unofficial Ambassadors to Tajikistan, teaching English at the Tajik Institute of Languages and the Bactria Cultural Center. We are celebrating her […]

Not Just the Mercy of God

PS  copy

Today’s post comes from Puneet Sachdev, the founder of Deepa’s Legacy – a creative effort to support the education of underprivileged children in India. Puneet is also a member of the UYD community, one of our partner organizations. Puneet is a creative philanthropist, children’s book author and a coach. He has lived and worked in […]