Food for Thought

Abita's Mousse de Chocolate

When I think of my paternal grandmother, I can smell her house. I can smell the delicious Cuban food simmering in the kitchen of her little wooden abode in the lush Miami neighborhood of Coral Gables. I waited with anticipation on the creaky, wicker furniture for the delectable food that would match the intoxicating smells […]

Explaining Obama’s Immigration Policy @ Thanksgiving Dinner


The Thanksgiving holiday has become, more than any other religious or secular celebration, America’s annual “homecoming”. This year in particular, AAA predicts about 41 million of us will hit the road, and nearly 4 million will take to the skies, in order to get home to our families, and spend time eating, catching up, and eating again. What […]

Losing “They,” Living “We,” Becoming Me


Today’s post comes from Alice Brower, a born and bread Tarheel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She was Matt Cone’s student, part of the Global Poverty Reading Group, and presented along with Matt Cone and four peers at the 25th Annual Haitian Studies Association Conference last November. She is a Global Citizen Year Fellow, and is spending this […]