Balancing Passion and Purpose: Tulalens


“Ding! Buzz! Ping! Tweet!” goes the marching band that is now my smartphone on any given day. For voracious consumers of information like myself, admittedly these are sounds that make up the soundtrack of my everyday life. Digital white noise, if you will, and it doesn’t help that the very means that we attain particular goods and […]

Sisters in Solidarity

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Today’s post comes from Paula Kweskin, an attorney specializing in international humanitarian and human rights law. Paula is currently pursuing her LL.M in International Law and Human Rights while producing Honor Diaries, an award-winning documentary film focused on women’s rights and gender empowerment.

Polio in Pakistan: Eradication being threatened


Today’s post comes from Kerry Sun, currently finishing his BA in History and Political Science from the University of Toronto. He contributes to his own blog at This discussion addresses issues within Pakistan, in light of last week’s post Pakistan on Every Porch is Fine. Tom Wolf had expressed the wish for his students in […]