AIDS Wisdom and the MH17 Tragedy


Many of my fellow activists were en route to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne last week when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot out of the sky. In an instant, the innocent passengers became casualties of a war in which they had never enlisted. Though there is little to say in the face of such senseless tragedy, I felt compelled to reflect on the response of AIDS activists over past decades to another “war”—on HIV—that has caused incredible suffering.

When a Universal Need Creates International Solidarity

EA Katherine Williams

Today’s post comes from Katherine Williams, a Global Health Corps fellow, originally posted on the GHC blog. She has worked as a research assistant to a cancer epidemiologist, for World Vision’s Health & HIV team in Washington DC, and for the Himalayan Family Healthcare Project in St.Louis Missouri.

What kind of AIDS Ambassador are You?


“World AIDS Day” was commemorated this past Sunday, December 1st, with an internationally heralded theme of “Getting to Zero” – meaning zero new infections, zero AIDS deaths, and zero discrimination against people living with HIV. It sounds like an incredible game plan. But is it just another catchy advocacy tagline that will eventually fade away? […]