Is Social Media Creating Schoolgirl Terrorists?

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For most of us, the glow of our computer monitors–whether filled with Netflix scenes, Facebook walls, or Buzzfeed posts–can tempt us to stay stuck in our homes, too enraptured by the content on our screens to step away and be active in the communities around us. Yet in the past week, headlines are showcasing the power of social […]

Weekly Passport: Wasteful Donations, Radical Changes & Heroes are Human


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One Story, Two Sides

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As a writer in the cozy United States of America, I take my loud-mouth, overblown, exaggerated right to an opinion for granted. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I knew about Charlie Hebdo before that heinous execution style murder spree on Wednesday, but as an aspiring, overbearingly opinionated writer, this attack just doesn’t sit well with me. The blatant assault on free speech is a sobering reminder that this is not a guaranteed right. It is a right we have to fight for with our words, drawings, deeds, and heck, even our Facebook statuses.