Weekly Passport: Girls Rule Ranger School, Kenyan Women Farm Revolution, & Humans of Pakistan

EA Weekly Passport_aug18th-aug23-01

| Female Army Rangers | A Farm in a Sack | HoP (Humans of Pakistan) |Fake a Tusk, Find a Terrorist | Do Black Lives Matter to Hillary? | Drill Shell, Drill! | Dismal Dismaland | Australian Drought Tactics | Libido Pills for Ladies | High Speed Heroes |

Weekly Passport: Burying Sandra, Banning Books, & Dropping the SAT

EA Weekly Passport_Jul20-Jul27-01

| Mr. Obama goes to Kenya | What’s Next for the Bland’s? | Happy 25th, ADA! | Gender Intelligence Workshopping | Dropping the SAT | Banning Books | Trumping the Border | An Important Photo | 20 Years of Shootings | [Exo]Planet Earth |

Weekly Passport: A Letter to the President, Silenced Dissidents, & #AmbassadorOf


| Female Currency | North Korean Online Shopping | April Not-So-Fool’s Day | Another Egyptian Crackdown | Guerrillas in Jail | Brand New Boy Scouts | Terror in Kenya | Taking the Pain Out of Payment | Rolling Stone Legal Woes | Travel Boosts Creativity | #AmbassadorOf