Everyday In(genius)


Like the word “ambassador“, the word “genius” is associated with lofty achievements and is more often reserved for the select few who truly excel in their respective fields. This week, the 140-year-old nonprofit 92nd Street Y challenges this idea of genius in the same light we challenge the word “ambassador”.

Oxygen Masks


Today’s post comes from Lauren Breder, a recent high school graduate spending her Gap Year with our partner organization Thinking Beyond Borders before starting at the University of Virginia in the fall of 2015. We love her patience in getting to know the community and school where she is learning from, as well as her […]

Ready or Not, Here Comes Change


I realized in January of this year that I don’t want to live my life according to the system. The system in the Western World says we go to school from the age of five through eighteen. Then we move on to a higher level of education. From there, we get a job that fits in our major, make as much money as possible, get married, have children and raise them, and retire. If someone falls outside of this model, they are viewed as unusual or even inferior. As all my friends enrolled in the college of their dreams, I found that I was less than excited to go. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and didn’t even have a good grasp of who I was.