Pigeonpea: Tackling Root Causes of Poverty in Central America

Saul Gonzalez, Semilla Nueva promotor farmer and one of the most positive people we know.

A man came to work for free, and at the end of the week asked for $400 to pay for a SURGERY to save his mother’s life. How could so little be necessary to do so much? But then a deeper realization came to us: NO ONE could build enough houses, or provide enough free medical services to end poverty. Changes were needed to end the root causes of poverty, rather than just alleviate its symptoms.

The Language of Understanding


Today’s piece comes from EA’s own Audrey del Rosario. Audrey, our Brand Strategist, is one of our newest team members and is sharing today an experience that got her thinking on what EA is all about. I chose Audrey’s piece for today to help us all remember that living outside our comfort zones is a hard thing to do, and that that’s okay. If it was easy we wouldn’t have EA.org!